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Most investors won’t admit it.

Beating market benchmarks over the long term is super hard.

And that too in a fast moving emerging market packed with information asymmetry and regulatory flux. A market which is often (rightly) characterized as overpriced and volatile.

With the objective to push some investing ideation in the Indian context, we will present:

i) "Below the radar" stocks

On average only 4-5 analysts cover small cap stocks vs. ~25-30 analysts researching large caps. There are 2500 small cap stocks vs. 250 mid + large caps giving many more opportunities outside the box. 

ii) Contrarian bets 

The 5 largest names on Nifty 50 account for nearly 40% of its overall weight and not many folks seem to think that once you’re on this bellwether you can still go wrong.  

iii) Curated private market opportunities

The biggest challenge with early stage Private investment opportunities lies in their discovery. Deeply researched investments at the right entry point can generate solid long term returns. 

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